• How to unbrick Motorola One Vision / Action

    First, you should download these: 1. Drivers: https://mirrors.lolinet.com/firmware/moto/troika/blankflash/ImageWriterUSBDriver_1113_00.zip 2. Multidownloader: https://mirrors.lolinet.com/firmware/moto/troika/blankflash/Multidownloader_64bit_1.4.1.zip 3. blankflash files: like QSB30.40, it’s uses for moto one action: https://mirrors.lolinet.com/firmware/moto/troika/blankflash/troika_blankflash_from_QSB30.40.zip Install Driver 1. Unzip ImageWriterUSBDriver and Launch ImageWriterUSBDriver_1113_00.exe. 2. When you finished installation, re-plugin your phone USB cable to PC, you should get an correct Port. Like this: Flash Process 1. Unzip Multidownloader_64bit_1.4.1.zip and troika_blankflash_from_QSB30.40.zip. 2. Launch Multidownloader_64bit_1.4.1.exe, Click … button (you can review image below), and select usbbooting.cfg (it’s locate in troika_blankflash_from_QSB30.40). 3. Click “Start” button. When Multidownloader finished the work, your phone will enter fastboot…

  • Moto Z2 Force XT1789-06 9.0 PPX29.159-19 pushed

    Moto Z2 Force XT1789-06 Android 9.0 Firmware has been pushed to mirrors.lolinet.com. Including these carriers and regions: Retail India Reail Europe

    News 2019-08-10
  • How to find your motorola device’s firmware

    First, use fastboot to get your device codename: fastboot getvar product You may get this output: product: nash Finished. Total time: 0.003s And then, Go to https://mirrors.lolinet.com/firmware/moto/ find your product, click official, then find your carrier, find the firmware you need, download it.

    Notes 2019-07-08
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